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The Crypto Outlaws are a wily crew of 7,777 frontiersmen who are pushing the limits of what's possible

The crypto outlaws is a community of rebels pushing beyond the settled plains of traditional finance, organizational hierarchies, investing and online poker playing into the Wild West of crypto.

Where all four areas are experiencing rapid innovation.

In this Wild West of crypto radical new solutions are being forged to enable a better world... in which one day the less adventurous can join after the wild frontier has been tamed by those brave early settlers - outlaws if you will.

We are on a mission to transform the nature of how we use cryptocurrency to play poker in a decentralized manner - particularly No Limit Texas Hold Em.

The Outlaws will be available to mint for 0.05 ETH the whitelisted pre-sale at 11pm CST on March 12th

The Crypto Outlaws are much more than just badass profile pictures

Having a Crypto Outlaws even means more than being part of a tight-knit community conquering the Wild West of crypto together...

The Crypto Outlaws is the community behind the first ever Ethereum native poker playing technology... with a layer 2 zkRollup integration for making gas fees pennies... or less!

The dapp will be a technology you can use to safely and securely play poker with your Ethereum. No converting your ethereum to fiat required or conversion to some other “exclusive poker coin” (shit coin) that the casino itself created.

We will have a specialization and initial focus on building an Ethereum native, open source platform for playing No Limit Texas Hold Em using your eth. If you like No Limit Hold Em or believe in a project changing that space, then we're the Outlaw gang for you.

Decentralized Poker Playing

Through the use of new technologies and organizational paradigms we plan on re-imagining and creating the future of decentralized casino games... starting with No Limit Texas Hold Em!

This platform will have a decentralized ownership model, with an equity / ownership token in the works to be launched after successful creation and deployment of the Ethereum native poker playing technology.

This will be a platform by the community, for the community with all of the profits being paid back to token holders. This equity / ownership token will be released post mint with early adoption by Crypto Outlaw NFT holders to be especially awarded.

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First there will be a pre-sale to a select 777 bravest outlaws!

For these lucky few price is discounted to only 0.05 ETH

Whitelist spots could be getting harder after half full! Once we have over 300 people on the whitelist… requirements to get on the whitelist are a bit harder! WHITELIST IS NOW OPEN!

Get to level 3 engagement in the discord having enough genuine conversation, which also gains you desperado role
OR Get to level 1 engagement in the discord and invite 3 of your friends - real people that join the discord. Can be easily checked with invite tracker.
Then just open a support ticket in #❔│support-center and send public Ethereum wallet for one you'd like to use for pre-sale mint!
Boom! You're an amazing addition to the crew and OFFICALLY WHITELISTED :)

Project Roadmap

Full Roadmap Docs

10% Sold

Gated Community Forum

25% Sold

Polished Web 2.0 User Interface

& Full-Time Development

50% Sold

Play as Your NFT Outlaw

75% Sold

Outlaws Enter the Metaverse!

100% Sold Out

DAO Formation


Building Community


Alpha Release


Public Beta

2023 & Beyond

DAO Formation

& Coin Creation

Value of Becoming an Outlaw

Access to exclusive forum

Gated forum for sharing investment tactics, well-guarded poker-playing tips and strategies, poker hand reviews, and other exclusive content only for verified NFT holders

Play as your Outlaw

In the poker platform, NFT holders will be able to play as your character. If you have multiple players, select which one you would like to represent you when playing

No rake

One of the primary benefits to owning an Outlaw is exclusion from the 2.23% rake that will be taken from non-NFT holders using the service to play poker with their Ethereum funds on-chain. Exclusion from rake is unlimited, no matter how large the volume of funds used or won when playing!

Exclusive poker rooms

Private game poker tables will be available just to NFT holders. Sit down at a table of like-minded individuals to play an exclusive back-of-the casino game where only Outlaws are allowed in

Early access & rewards

Access to a private alpha release of the technology we’re building for playing Ethereum native poker with ultra-low transaction costs. Give feedback on product development and rewarded for your support when equity token is created.

Our Oaths to the Outlaw Gang

Absolute Limited Supply - Only 7,777 Ever

This collection is the end all, be all for being part of this exclusive community. We will never create any more of these characters or give access to the perks given to the NFT holders to anyone else other than the holders of the 7,777 unique outlaws in this collection. Ever.

On-Chain Casino Will be Made

We've all been rugged before... its not fun. We guarantee that we will deliver on at least the core version of a crypto-native poker game, no matter how many NFTs are sold

Full Commercial Rights and IP Ownership

We will apply the most generous version of licensing and copyright transfer possible to purchasers of each NFT. Intellectual property rights of underlying artwork AND even commercial use will be bestowed

Why Play Poker with us?

On-Chain Transactions

Play with on-chain Ethereum funds. All core logic for betting, pots paying out, randomized cards dealt, and tracking table position will be written in open-source smart contracts. Take advantage of the security benefits of the Ethereum network and your existing Eth to play :)

Ultra Low Transaction Costs

Utilizing a layer 2 scaling solution based on zkRollups, we will take transaction costs down to pennies or less and be building all gaming logic open source, with verifiable code. Not even an initial fee, like costly gas fees required like when bridging the assets to Polygon network.

Potentially Avoid Taxable Event

Most tax jurisdictions consider it a taxable event if your Ethereum is converted to any other currency, cryptocurrency or fiat, if it has appreciated. Instead with us, simply use your Eth you already have, no conversion needed. We're here to play poker, not increase our tax bill. Note: Each jurisdiction is different, please consult with a licensed tax professional in your jurisdiction.

No Rake for NFT Holders

NO rake, ever! Otherwise known to some as "100% rake-back" If you are a verified NFT holder at the time of playing, you will pay no "rake" to the protocol, which almost all poker platforms charge some form of. For non-NFT holders rake is 2.23%


What are non-fungible tokens?
Non-fungible tokens are unique, verifiable digital assets that can be bought and sold using smart-contract capable cryptocurrencies. Starting out just as art that you could digitally own and display to your friends, which have now evolved to confer other benefits and utility like ours.
How do I buy a Crypto Outlaw NFT?
Simply move eth to a crypto wallet such as Metamask and click the “mint” button on our website while it's live to purchase your very own Crypto Outlaw NFT
How do I get on the whitelist?
1️⃣ Get to level 3 engagement in the discord having enough genuine conversation, which also gains you desperado role — OR — 2️⃣ Get to level 1 engagement in the discord and invite 3 of your friends - real people that join the discord. Can be easily checked with invite tracker. 🚀 Then just open a support ticket in ❔│support-center and send public Ethereum wallet for one you'd like to use for pre-sale mint to get whitelisted, you earned it!
When can I get the Crypto Outlaw NFT?
March 12th at 11:00pm CST if you’re whitelisted, will be the first opportunity to mint your Crypto Outlaw. Past that there will be a public mint available within a month's time. Exact release date To Be Determined
How many Outlaws are in the collection?
7,777 Outlaws in the collection. No more than that, ever.
What is the price to mint a Crypto Outlaw?
For the pre-sale, price will only be 0.05 ETH, for the public sale 0.077 ETH
Where can I buy the Crypto Outlaws after Mint Sells Out?
Most secondary sales will be available at OpenSea under “Crypto Outlaws NFT”
What Cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?
Our decentralized poker application will only support Ethereum.
What type of Texas Hold Em?
At first we will just be building for no-limit texas hold em. For expanding beyond that, it just depends on the available development resources and what's most in demand by the community.
Will there be other casino games coming?
We are going to be working through the regulatory complexities with that and technical challenges with implementing other games, but yes we do plan to add other casino games.
Will there be a DAO?
Yes, once collection is 100% sold out, we will begin the process of forming a DAO for governance and direction of how the protocol evolves.
What will the name of the poker platform be?
We haven’t actually thought of a name yet, that will be something we wanted to get input on from the community before making a final decision.
Can I play as my outlaw?
Yes, if you have purchased a Crypto Outlaw and we have met the 50% sold milestone support for playing as your outlaw will be added to the platform.
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